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About Us

Hey Dude,, We Are Xtromedia !!

Xtromedia is an organization focused in website and software development. We care about how to build customized system and artistic website. We made what in your imagination. Supported by consultant, system analyst and software engineer that have the newest information technology concept and expert in develop information system in many company, Xtromedia growth to be consultant, designer and software developer the best and trusted. Integrated information system and easy to use is the symbol from Xtromedia product. Trust your development system to us and we will give you the best.

What We Do


Website developing With the newest issue of design that we have, we give the best animation and artistic design to your website. Website is your identity in internet marketing, so be uniqeu. Trust your website developing with us and we will make you unique!

Software developing Build the user friendly system, its mean easy to use and very powerfull of performance. Customized module according to user needed will help you to management your bussiness and raise your goal. Explain your management information system needed to us and we will construct what is in your head.



“ senang bisa bekerja sama dengan Xtromedia Team. sudah sesuai dengan apa yang kami harapkan. dan proses pengerjaannya pun sangat baik terutama dalam hal komunikasi. keep going Xtromedia! ”


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